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We provide a wide range of top-quality motorcycle ignition system spare parts in Malaysia.

CDI Unit

CDI Unit is used to control the motorcycle’s ignition system—arguably one of the most essential systems on a motorcycle.

Stator Assembly Set

Stator Assembly Set is used to generate sufficient AC power for the motorcycle’s ignition system and battery charging system.

CDI/ CDI Conversion Set

CDI/ CDI Conversion Set consists of a lighting coil(s) and CDI Coil(s), which are attached to an aluminum plate. Our CDI Conversion Set is for converting a contact-point to a CDI ignition system.

Pulser/Pick-up Coil

Pulser/Pick-up Coil is responsible for providing the timing signal to the CDI Unit on a motorcycle.

Rectifier & Regulator

Rectifier converts AC power to DC power; Regulator maintains a safe voltage level for battery charging.

Stater/CDI/ Lighting Coil

Stater/CDI Coil is used for ignition purposes (spark generation). Lighting Coil is used to generating output for illumination & for battery charging purposes.

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